The Living Christ in You CD Series (9 CD series)
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9 Message Series by James Gardner

Few Christian Believers ever truly enter into real Christianity. Most never experience more than religion. The Church's enemy has worked hard to obscure the intent of the Creator. But, through the insights of this series your Christianity will come alive! In these revealing services you can discover...

  • Why God created man in the first place
  • What Father God desires to be taught to His Church
  • How did Jesus accomplish all that He did upon the earth
  • What is God's definition of true Grace
  • How you can experience life without limits

Do not underestimate what you are about to experience. Within these services lies the ability to resurrect Jesus to His new life in you! The heavenly force that once turned the world upside down is only moments away from flooding your world today. And get ready, for you will stand in awe as Jesus Christ touches this world through you!

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The Living Christ in You CD Series (9 CD series)

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