3 Power Packed CD's
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3 Power Packed CD's by James Gardner

Where God placed His first man Adam was called the Garden of Eden. It was the only place on the planet where Heaven and Earth came together. This divine connection was a heavenly portal where Adam could have right of entry to all the provisions of the heavenly realm. These ancient portals still exist today and can be accessed. Although Adam's disobedience caused him to be separated from these access points, Jesus came and redeemed man so that we could again experience Heaven's provision. In this teaching series by Pastor James Gardner, you will be able to comprehend how your faith in the Blessing of God will unlock these ancient gates. Once these gates are opened over your life, you and all around you will experience manifestations of Heaven upon the Earth. And then brace yourself, for you are about to become the envy of the world.

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Opening the Portals of Heaven CD Series (3 CD series)

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