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8 Power Packed CDs by Susan Gardner ("Role of the Husband" teaching by James Gardner)

Because your Family Matters to you, it will require conscientious effort on your part to experience the joys that God intended for the family. Our adversary works diligently through society to redefine what God designed as the family. It is only when we submit to the Creator's true purpose for these relations that we can experience the joys and pleasures of family. In this volume, Susan Gardner lays out line upon line and precept upon precept the sturdy biblical foundations for marriage and parenting. These teachings are filled with wisdom and Godly knowlege, yet saturated with laughter and fun. Her husband, James, teaches, one message on the Role of the Husband. Get "Family Matters" today anad start experiencing God's Best in all your Family Matters!

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Family Matters Volume 1 CD Series (8 CD series)

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